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Industrial Loft Ladder

Concertina / Weight Assisted Ladder

  • Telescopic handrail
  • Accessory hinge allows ladder to be fitted behind vertical door

DIN 4570

Industrial Concertina Ladder
CodeFloor to Ceiling(cm)Minimum Open Lenght (mm)
ELITE 01up to 250620
ELITE 02251 to 279670
ELITE 03279 to 300720
ELITE 04309 to 339770
  • Ideal for confined attic spaces
  • Choice of ladders,industrial and domestic
Specialist Concertina Ladder
CodeModelOpening (cm)Floor to Ceiling (cm)
ALU11Alufix60 x 503.05
  • Suitable for any floor to floor height
  • Wall and floor mounted version available
  • Ideal for plant room access and mezzanine floor
3 Section Weight Assisted Ladder
* W.A.L.Wall / Floor

* Please contact sales office. Suitable for any floor to ceiling height.

Concertina Ladder

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Aluminium platform step

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Steel kitchen step

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